The University of Ibadan is the oldest, most experienced and best University in Nigeria. As the leader in Postgraduate studies in Nigeria, the university has the requisite infrastructure, interest and ability to strengthen her expertise as world leader in the future of development. University of Ibadan is positioned to create a program that attracts a strong regional, national and international support in terms of students and faculty.

The creation of MDP programmes is an acknowledgement that addressing extreme poverty and sustainable development throughout the world requires expert knowledge and an interdisciplinary approach. Currently the bulk of development leaders are trained in narrow fields, by broadening their training and providing them with a knowledge base including health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and management and taking an integrated, holistic approach to finding solutions to development challenges, such practitioners will be able to more effectively understand and address the root causes of extreme poverty and the challenges of sustainable development

The MDP programme is a full time programme. However, it has been designed for those who are already working. Lectures hold Thursdays to Saturdays. The intensive coursework is for the first nine months. Thereafter, students embark on both local and foreign field trips to international development projects including those of the millennium village projects in Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal for a period of not less than six weeks combined.. Students are also expected to undertake internship of not less than 12 weeks in an organization working on development related activities.

The Professional Master’s Degree programme is aimed at teaching and research in Integrated Rural Development. It is geared towards training serving and aspiring rural development workers and others who wish to advance their knowledge, skills and expertise through specialized training in integrated rural development. MSIRDA recognizes the need for an interdisciplinary approach to solving the problems of rural poverty, low productivity, poor health and welfare status and general neglect. The programme takes a holistic approach to sustainable rural development, combining courses from several discipline including agriculture, rural sociology, management, natural sciences and health sciences.

Applications are welcome from people who :

  1. Are graduates of a university /tertiary institution recognized by the University of Ibadan Senate and the National Universities Commission
  2. Have a minimum of five subjects at ordinary level including English Language at one sitting or six subjects at two sittings
  3. Have relevant work experience in development practice will be an advantage and is recommended.